Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Steamed Seabass recipe

This is my lunch today. If you like fish, this is a real treat.
Steamed Seabass, such an easy recipe to cook. Delicious!

A favourite amongst Chinese people.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1 sea bass between 500g to 700g, gutted (with head and tail intact)
1 table spoon Chinese cooking wine (Yellow Wine, Shao Hsing, or Shao Xing)
3 table spoon light soy sauce
4 table spoon peanut or groundnut oil

1 stalk Spring onions
45g root ginger


1. Clean and rinse the seabass in cold water and then pat it dry

2. Rub a bit of salt and the Chinese rice wine on both side of the fish

3. Place seabass on a plate and then steam over water for roughly 8–10 minutes
(You can tell if the fish is cooked properly by seeing if the dorsal fin - fin at the back of the fish - pulls away easily)

4. Heat the peanut/groundnut oil in a pan until it is smoking hot

Chopped the spring onions and ginger into nice thin slices and sprinkle over fish. This adds more flavoring but I prefer to eat seabass as it is.

5. Drizzle the hot oil over the fish slowly, a little bit at a time (if you have sprinkle the spring onions and ginger on it, you should be able to smell them sizzling)

7. Pour the soy sauce and ready to serve immediately

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